I am an Interaction Designer at Rackspace in Austin, Texas. I am part of RED (Rackspace Experience Design), in charge of designing optimal user experience for various of hosting and cloud offerings.

I currently have over 6 years of experience, most of which I gathered as an Interaction Designer at Pearson Education in Indianapolis and Dell in Austin, TX.

I am passionate about interaction design, usability, sustainable design and user experience (particularly in web applications and mobile devices).

My background is primarily in humanities. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and French from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2005. Despite having a keen interest in the study of human behaviour, I also wanted to be professionally involved in the world of computers and web-based technologies. It wasn’t until I discovered the field of Human-Computer Interaction that I found a way to bridge the gap between psychology and technology in my academic formation.

I earned my Masters degree in Human-Computer Interaction from the School of Informatics at Indiana University in Indianapolis in 2009. This degree is what ultimately led me to discover the world of User Experience and Interaction Design.

I have been on planet Earth since the 21st of January, 1982 at 19:08 hrs [GMT – 8] and my favourite colours are Green & Grey.

For a further personal breakdown, check out my About.me or Vizify pages.