Interaction Design

Why Interaction Design? Why would I call myself an Interaction Designer?

Interaction Design is mainly about behaviour. It’s about designing interactions between people and devices and/or services, but to some extent it is also about connecting people with people.

Since my academic background is based on the study of human behaviour, Interaction Design fits as the perfect “bridge” between psychology and many different forms of techonology that I’m interested in working with.

When people click on a certain area of a web site, or press a button on a mobile phone or cash machine, something happens. As an Interaction Designer, I would be defining what happens when someone interacts with a device or an interface. In other words, I would be designing interactions and user behaviours; all in the name of good user experience.

Many people nowadays can think of a moment when they felt rewarded, or frustrated trying to take a photo or browse a web site with a mobile phone, using an MP3 player or booking a flight online. The reason behind either of those feelings is very likely to have been caused by excellent or poorly implemented interaction design.

This is why interaction designers do what they do: they exist to focus primarily on the users of various produts and services; to create solutions to interaction problems; to incorporate emotion in design and to ultimately create a better experience with those things we interact with.

This is what I intend to do. This is why my personal and professional goal is to design products and services that people will be interacting with one day in an engaging, easy and productive manner.