11 Apr C-bus

This is how some locals call the city of Columbus, Ohio.

“C-bus” is also where I’ve just come from, after attending the firs-ever Midwest UX conference.

It was a great, very-well organized & executed conference in the User Experience Design field. The first primarily made by and for people of the Midwest of the US.

I’m really glad to have been able to attend –not only given the great line-up of presenters, talks and workshops but also because I do know (for a fact) that I got the second-to-last ticket before it sold out.

I’m looking forward to expand on my experience during Midwest UX, but for now, I’leave you with this Hellenic monument we (Brad Nunnally, David Farkas, Jake Truemper & I) found on our way to the first day of the conference.


Diego Pulido

I'm a Colombian designer of interactions & user experiences at Rackspace. I live in "Live Music Capital of The World". I'm a Glass Explorer, Ableton Pusher and coffee enthusiast. I am the creator of the Diegoccino™. More about me here: https://www.vizify.com/diego-pulido

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